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Come and experience the joy as you put Dr. Laurie’s prescriptions into place and see those dark skies in your life begin to turn blue.


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Dr. Andy Laurie

Dr. Andy Laurie is a board-certified radiologist who received his medical degree from UC San Diego. He did his post graduate residency at the University of Arizona. He practiced emergency radiology for nearly thirty years before illness caused him to recently retire. In addition, he has been a pastor at The Bridge Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona, for nearly twenty years. For much of this time, he has courageously battled a devastating disease of the autonomic nervous system. Dr. Laurie and his wife, Cyndi, were married in 1991 after he graduated from medical school. They have four grown children and make their home in Tucson with their beloved dogs.

Dr. Andy and Cyndi Laurie

Dr. Andy Laurie suffers from POTS which is a devastating disease of the autonomic nervous system. He wants to take you on his journey from health to sickness. Come and feel what he has gone through in battling this disease and the dark skies that have gone with it. Come and learn from his over 30 years of medical practice and over 20 years as a pastor. Come and experience the joy as you put his prescriptions into place and see those dark skies in your life begin to turn blue.

Come and take the journey with Dr. Laurie.

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“I used these principles to come out on the other side, to seeing blue skies again.”

“A must read to cope with those dark times.”

“Dr Laurie takes the reader through his personal journey as his faith is pushed beyond human capacity. He then shares 10 steps that we can use to persevere when life’s battles find us in our own backyard.”

“Wonderful book! A lifesaver for me with excellent coping skills! So thankful I found this book! I would give it 10 stars or more if I could!!”

“Two words to describe this book “raw” and “real”. Dr Andy Laurie bared it all and showed such vulnerability. But then he goes on to show you step by step how to get through any struggle that come your way.”

“This book inspires you to keep fighting when life knocks you down.”

“Great book! Really dives into how to handle a horrible situation in one’s life.”


What do you do when the skies in your life turn dark?

There are many struggles in this difficult world that can darken our skies. It may be ongoing health issues, depression/anxiety, relationship struggles, financial calamity and so much more.

Andy Laurie, MD, had seemingly the perfect life. He had a successful medical practice. He was starting a second career as a pastor. He was young and healthy. He had a beautiful, loving wife and four small children. His life could not have been better. It was nothing but blue skies.

Then, the unthinkable hit. He was struck with a devastating illness. The skies of his once-wonderful life became dark, very dark.

Dr. Laurie has been battling illness for nearly two decades. He has now courageously shared his story with you. Relying on nearly thirty years of medical practice and over twenty years in the ministry, Dr. Laurie has written prescriptions for you to find hope, strength, contentment, joy, and even victory when the struggles of life have darkened your blue skies.


A Personal Journey with Dr. Andy Laurie/strong

Dr. Andy Laurie was living a tremendous life as a board-certified emergency room radiologist and a pastor at The Bridge Christian Church. He had four kids and a lovely wife to partake in the pleasures of life. However, at the ripe old age of thirty-nine, Dr. Andy Laurie met with an illness that put him on a dark life path. 

He was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), a disease of the Autonomic Nervous System. In his book titled, “When Skies aren’t blue”. Dr. Andy Laurie attempts to solve the question, “How can we go through life when we are suffering from an illness?”. 

Dr. Andy himself went through horrible pain and suffering which eventually led him unable to perform his duties both as a pastor and as a doctor. However, in his book, “When Skies aren’t Blue”, he pens down the question of the blue skies of life. 

When life is fulfilling and upmost to the brim, each with sparkling joys and colorful embraces of relationships. He had a successful career that made him stand out from the crowd, however, when his illness came, the skies in his life were certainly not blue anymore and he started to feel down. 

Through his personal journey, Dr. Andy questioned himself,” Life is beautiful but what would happen when the skies aren’t blue?” this means that as long as life is pleasureful and fulfilling, we will get support and love from each and every person in our lives, however, when the chips are down, most of them leave and in the end, we have to carry on with our personal journey of suffering and eventually recovering.

When Skies aren’t blue, A Physician’s Personal Journey Through Suffering and Recovery

Dr. Andy was suffering and he thought that everything in his life that he had worked so hard over was suddenly coming to an end. However, he felt lost and defeated, which is enough to put anyone into depression. Dr. Andy is a former pastor and a strong Christian who believes that God has made a plan for everyone through their Personal Journey. 

Instead of suffering through his illness, he started to follow various remedies and prescription plans which eventually led him to the path of recovery. Dr. Andy began to to write down the procedures and prescription plans for people who suffer from an illness but are unable to recover from them, eventually leading them to spiral into depression.  

Dr. Andy wrote his book especially for those Christians who suffer from various health issues, eventually leading them to question God himself,” Why does God allow suffering?”. 

If you are a firm Christian who believes in God, you should read “When Skies aren’t Blue” by Dr. Andy Laurie. You will be surprised to know the prescriptions and methods of planning he has prepared for you for your Personal Journey of recovery.



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